Energy-Efficient Spray Foam Insulation

Insulate your home with energy-efficient spray foam insulation. At Atticus Insulation LLC in Big Lake, Minnesota, we offer professional installation of the industry's best products at reasonable prices.

A Warmer Home / A Cooler Home

Stay warm and snug without spending a fortune on heating and cooling. High-quality insulation provides temperature control year-round, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer while saving you money on your heating and air conditioning bills.

House with Snow on the Roof - Spray Foam Insulation


Your attic is often the part of your property where insulation makes the biggest difference. After a proper assessment of your attic space, we will help you find the right package to fit your home's specific needs. Choosing the proper insulation for your attic space is crucial in keeping a home warm, cool, energy efficient, and ice dam free. 


Protect your basement from frost, moisture, pollen, insects and animals.  Basements can be a major area of energy loss and may also be susceptible to frost damage, water damage, and mold damage. Spray foam insulation solves all these problems by keeping your whole property energy efficient and moisture free.

New Construction

Make sure your new property is properly insulated right from the start. We work on all areas of the home that require insulation and understand the unique requirements of the Midwestern climate. 

Garages & Other Rooms

Transform your garage into a workshop, hobby area, or game room! Spray foam insulation can make your garage just as comfortable as the inside of your home.

Pole Buildings & Barns

Pole buildings and barns are great for storage, but proper condensation control is essential, especially in buildings with metal roofing or siding. Keep your valuables safe by ensuring your barn has proper insulation and ventilation. This is especially important when animals are present.
Closed cell spray foam adds up to 300% racking strength to your building, and protects the interior from the elements. With professional installation by our experienced team, you'll protect your investment and save money.

Townhome Associations

Ice dams can be a nightmare for townhomes and condos. Atticus Insulation LLC has a wealth of experience in this area. We have successfully stopped ice dams on more than 2,000 townhome units and have had zero call-backs. Proper insulation stops ice dams formation, prevents leaks and damages.
Finding a company to take on a large job for your association is difficult. We have spent years building our reputation of success and have a impeccable track record.

Contact us for cost-effective insulation designed for your property.